19 February 2018

Is CS2 download only?

We recommend direct download as this is the quickest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to distribute CS2. And thanks to special download managers, you can be assured you'll get your library as quickly as your internet connection will allow. However backup DVDs are also available for US$33 if ordered at time of purchase, but please note that these can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Am I allowed to use music I create with Cinematic Strings 2 for commercial purposes?

Yes, there are no commercial restrictions placed on music created with the library, even if you have applied for an Educational Discount. See our product terms and conditions for more info.

When I try to load a patch, I get the error message: “This patch is corrupt and cannot be loaded"

Please Update to the latest version of Kontakt via the Native Instruments Service Centre – this will fix the problem.

I've downloaded the library, how do I install it?

Please read our installation guide for more information about installing CS2.


What are the minimum system requirements?

Windows / Mac

Windows 7/8 or Mac OSX 10.7+, Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM, up to 45GB Hard Drive space for installation. Kontakt 5.1 or Kontakt Player 5.1 is also required.

** Please note - these are the minimum requirements. CS2 is a high end sample library, and we recommend 8 GB RAM to really get the most out of the library. 4 GB RAM will allow you to load the whole library using the mixed mic position, but you wont be able to load much else after that. 8 GB RAM was used to create the demo compositions, on a single computer. Ideally, Cinematic Strings should be used with a fully 64 bit system.

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